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we like to keep things simple - and accountable.

ppl means We are only as good as our last lead.

The truth is:

Very few agencies guarantee their work – because they’re afraid to.  We offer our services on a Pay-Per-Lead (PPL) basis and we guarantee they will meet your exact specifications.  

experience ai-powered leads

We have built a proprietary system for targeting, qualifying and delivering exclusive leads in real-time.  Never shared.  Never re-sold.

Just pay for the leads you need…

...Sweet, simple, and stress-free.


we deliver leads your sales team are going to love.

ai-powered sales funnels - multiple traffic sources

We will build a custom campaign to your exact specification AND DESIGNED to find the just customers who are looking for your services and weed out everyone else.  We deliver in real-time, directly into your CRM SO YOUR SALES TEAM CAN CONVERT QUICKLY.  
Google, Bing, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, native – we know them all.  
Relax.  Tell us exactly who you’re looking for…we’ll find ’em.

We are so confident in our work - we guarantee our results.

WHo we are ?


We’re the team at Marblehead Digital.

We’ve been steadily growing this place for 6 years running.  Founded in a 400 year-old, seafaring New England town with a rich history of ingenuity and risk taking, we are proud to stand on the shoulders of the original Patriots.

We are also proud to serve some of the largest companies in the world in the insurance, finance, telecom and aviation industries.

Our hand-picked team is lean, mean, global and virtual. We have the most skilled data scientists, creatives, copywriters, media buyers you will find anywhere.

We so confident of our results, we guarantee them.

We so confident of our results, we guarantee them.

Paul Gregory Marblehead Digital
owner - marblehead, ma

Paul gregory

Paul is a tech start-up refugee who figured out that he is better off helping to build your company than keep trying to keep build a new ones.   Knowing business strategy and marketing is a clear advantage.  Paul’s motto is “take care of yourself and let the universe take care of the rest”

Wilbur Marblehead Digital Marketing
Copywriting - pheonix, az


Wilbur is a master of motivating people to action with the spoken & written word.   He is a true craftsman. and leader of perhaps our most important department.   Wilbur’s motto is “if you’re not failing…you’re not trying hard enough”

creative - iligan city, PHILLIPINES


Mayshell is the the creative heart of of Marblehead Digital. She and her team understand the visual power of advertising and the psychology of motivation.  Mayshell’s motto is “being deeply loved by someone gives you strength and loving someone deeply gives you courage”

DATA SCIENTIST - quesada costa rica


The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data,  And our guy Allan is proud to lead our team of Geeks.  An undergrad in computer science and an MBA, Allan can see opportunity on the ground and from 30,000 feet.  Allan’s motto is “we only have what we give”

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